This is my life, and this is how it reads

Dear diary...Welcome to this blog, featuring extracts from my diaries of 25 years ago.

I’m going to be reproducing bits of those diaries in real time, on precisely the same day as they were written a quarter of a century earlier.

I won’t be publishing entries in full. Nor will I be publishing entries on every day.

Instead I’ll be picking extracts that don’t deal so much with personal stuff as with more universal concerns, such as what was on the television or radio, what I was doing at school, places I visited and what was happening in the news.

Each entry will be accompanied by a bit of commentary from me in the present day.

I have kept a daily diary since Friday 30 September 1985. In theory this blog could go on forever. In practice it will probably, like me, one day just suddenly stop. Until then, I hope you enjoy what you see.

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