Wednesday 5 March 1986

…Recorded Dallas theme tune…

I’ve an especially vivid recollection of this.

As usual, I was waiting by the television with a portable cassette recorder held as close to the set’s speaker as possible. But on this occasion I was caught a little off-guard, as rather than the show being introduced in the standard manner by the BBC continuity announcer over a graphic of a spinning globe, the episode was cued in by Terry Wogan from the set of his chat show.

I’m not sure if this was the first episode of a new series of Dallas, but Tel definitely had at least one cast member from the show with him in the studio. As the interview came to an end, deploying his usual mix of blarney and bemusement Terence thanked his guests, thanked his audience and thanked us for watching, then made as if to settle back and “watch” Dallas on a giant screen positioned just behind his left shoulder.

The episode duly began there and then, in the Wogan studio. I panicked. Scrambling to press record, I missed the opening seconds of the theme in the process. Just as I got the tape up and running, the picture on our TV set crossfaded from the image of Dallas in Wogan’s lair to your standard full-screen Dallas transmission.

It was all a bit of a kerfuffle, but I must have been satisfied enough with the results to not bother trying again the following week. The inlay card of the cassette on to which I was putting all these themes lists Lovejoy as the track after Dallas, followed by The Muppet Show (which my diary notes me taping on Saturday 8 March).

I should add that neither I nor my family ever really watched Dallas. This would’ve been one of those occasions where I recorded the signature tune because it was first and foremost A Good Theme, not good television.

Unlike Lovejoy and The Muppet Show, which were and are, by any measure, Good.

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