Friday 7 March 1986

…Did Music Makers.
In Art we did pictures with string and glue.
I have got earache…

Music Makers was a BBC schools programme on Radio 4 (I think) which required, if not demanded, its listeners to arm themselves with assorted instruments and join in with various original tunes and songs.

The programmes were structured either around a theme or a story. I remember there being songsheets and pamphlets that accompanied the series and which would be passed round at the start of each lesson. Excitingly, they also bore the BBC logo.

But before the transmission began, the instrument trolley, kept as already noted in the school library, would be wheeled down the corridor and into the classroom by some trusted pupils, and its contents distributed among those who wanted not merely to sing, but… to play!

I’m afraid to say I rather hogged the limelight during Music Makers. I’d already started to learn to read music, and so often ended up, in that selfish selfless pre-teen way, with two or three instruments at my command.

I say instruments, but they wasn’t anything that required that much skill. It was mostly stuff you had to bang or shake to a particular rhythm.

With one exception.

The god of all objects on the instrument trolley.

Here it is:

Scrape away

The guiro.

This was the only kind of scrape I ever actively sought to get involved with at primary school.

I think most of the rest of my class hated Music Makers.

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