Sunday 9 March 1986

…Recorded three theme tunes today.
Watched a Miss Marple adventure.
Only two more weeks at school before we break up…

My home taping efforts were clearly picking up pace, perhaps because I could see I was nearing the end of the cassette and was keen to feel a sense of achievement at having filled a full hour of WHSmith FE.I C-60.

Going off the inlay card, the three themes in question must have been Brat Farrar (*shudder*), Hancock’s Half Hour (never really a fan; I just liked the way he went “H-H-H-H-H-Hancock’s Half Hour”) and the sublime Miss Marple.

I say sublime, but one of the Beeb’s Miss Marple adaptations gave me nightmares.

It was The Body in the Library. I’m not sure when I saw it, as that particular episode was first screened over Christmas 1984, when I doubt I’d have been allowed (or really wanted) to watch such classy capers.

I’m guessing it was a repeat screening that gave me the creeps. It was a proper full-on shouting-out nightmare to boot. All precise details have long vanished from memory, but I’m vaguely convinced that it might have been triggered by the bit where a body is found not in the library but in a burned-out car. Alternatively, [looks at cast list] Valentine Dyall may have been involved.

I’m pretty sure it did not involve the titular totterer.

Unless I’m losing my Marples.

Losing my Marples


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