Monday 10 March 1986

…Did Project and Measurement today. Took some Project home to do.
Recorded All at No 20 theme tune today. Nearly filled the whole tape up…

All at No 20 was a Maureen Lipman-helmed sitcom which, it being a Monday night and starring Maureen Lipman, was made by Thames Television. It being a Maureen Lipman sitcom, it also boasted a theme tune performed by Maureen Lipman, although unlike her previous effort for ITV there was no singing involved, just some inoffensive, must-try-harder scatting and doobedooing.

The entire sit and com of All at No 20 is conveniently, if not entirely painlessly, demonstrated in this 10-minute selection of clips, featuring Maureen in a variety of fetching mid-80s I’m-an-independent-woman outfits (topped off with oversized glasses), along with randy bank manager Gary Waldhorn, lippy daughter Lisa Jacobs, Martin Clunes in a bowtie, a gag about the Trade Descriptions Act, someone pretending to be gay, a bare minimum of about three studio sets, and a Bittersweet Twist At The End.

Still, nice theme tune.

2 thoughts on “Monday 10 March 1986

  1. Where would 1980s suburban sitcoms have been without Gary Waldhorn? Where would 1980s suburban sitcoms have been without Martin Clunes, come to that.

    I’d love to know what sort of person would sit down and edit an episode of All At No 20 down to 10 minutes for YouTube. And whether they’d do the same with Full House.

  2. I particularly love how the “sit” is explained with such subtlety and poise at 0:21.

    “Lodgers?” “It’ll pay the mortgage, and what I earn part-time will take care of the bank. We won’t have to sell!”

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