Thursday 13 March 1986

…Watched Treasure Hunt. They didn’t do it unfortunately…

I’ve already mentioned that this was one of my favourite TV programmes of the time. A quick look online reveals that this would have been the penultimate episode of the 1986 series, in which Annie and co tried and failed to solve a romp round a sequence of dependably picturesque tourist attractions in Pembrokeshire.

I have a memory of devising my own treasure hunt, inspired by the Channel 4 series, which I coralled my family into attempting.

I can’t remember when this would have been. Perhaps it will turn up in a future diary entry. But it was based in and around my hometown, and required my long-suffering parents to solve my “clues” and drive to the correct location, whereupon I would hand them the next riddle.

It was, as you’d expect, a very amateurish affair. No searching for concealed bits of pink paper, no racing against the clock, no happening upon demonstrations of local customs, and certainly no bumping into carefully-positioned local dignitaries.

In fact I don’t even think the “hunt” stretched to more than four locations, one of which was our own living room.

But crikey, what an obsessive child I was back then, and how generous of my mum and dad to indulge such a folly.

Meanwhile, here’s why Anneka failed to complete her Pembrokeshire treasure hunt. It’s from a textbook episode, with Kenneth Kendall underplaying like mad, Wincey making annoyingly-timed interjections, Anneka screaming with excitement and missing vital instructions, and wonderfully middle class plainly-dressed contestants who look like the only thing they’ve ever watched on Channel 4 is this and Take Six Cooks.

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