Monday 24 March 1986

…First day of our Easter Holidays and we had to go to Grannys in the morning because mum was at work.
Bought three books with my [WH]Smiths tokens.
Apart from that it was a normal day apart from the fact that there were hurricane winds sweeping across Britain…

I’ve had to search online to find out more about these “hurricane winds”. I didn’t have any memory of them at all.

Fortunately I found this clip of a few minutes from Tyne Tees on the day in question. It features an ad break, a public service announcement for the North East Morris Minor Club, and then Lookaround, during which the announcer apologises for having to tell us about “things you can’t go to, because of the dreadful weather”.

I’m afraid it’s bad news for, among others, the Darby and Joan Club at Blue House Lane, the West Allotment Over-60s and the proposed meeting between the Community Health Council and the Family Practioner Council at Aden House, Gateshead.

“Settle back now, for the Monday Matinee!”

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