Friday 28 March 1986 (Good Friday)

…Stayed in bed this morning till about 8.45am.
Watched Roland Rat and got bored.
Climbed our tree this afternoon and hanged [sic] from a tough branch…

That’s the second entry in four days in which I mention I’m bored. I clearly wasn’t having a very stimulating Easter holiday.

I had also yet to grow out of my interest in Roland Rat Superstar, though I’m pretty sure this obsession was now (thankfully) in its twilight phase.

Nowadays I can’t remember what it’s like to get bored while having time off from something. The 10-year-old me didn’t know quite how lucky he was. Or how irritating.

But help was at hand. A thrillsome day out was in the pipeline. Tomorrow I would be off to see one of the jewels of the East Midlands.

One thought on “Friday 28 March 1986 (Good Friday)

  1. This Roland Rat programming was, of course, Roland’s Easter Eggs-Stravaganza which, after his Yuletide Binge on Christmas Day, was the first thing he did for the Beeb, linking together the kids programmes every morning during the Easter holidays, which I think is where the whole BBC3 gag began. I well recall my mum telling me to turn it off because she could clearly see that I was bored witless and only watching it because Phil Schofield had told me to. And she was right, too, because the line-up of programmes he was introducing was rotten, with Lassie, Jackanory, Why Don’t You and Play School. We couldn’t bear Lassie or Jackanory, which seem utterly unsuitable for a supposedly anarchic strand like that, and we’d grown out of Play School, so it was slim pickings indeed.

    I have the Radio Times from that week and the only good bit about this whole exercise is the fact it got a Grandstand-style panel, with the “Rat-Timetable” accompanied by the briliant disclaimer “(Subject to Roland’s watch)”.

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