Saturday 29 March 1986

…Today I started doing a trace of a Leicester map.
Went to East Midlands Airport this afternoon and bought a map and a timetable.
Watched The Tale of the Bunnies [sic] Picnic today, a programme featuring Jim Henson bunnies, which are all new.
Putting the clocks forward one hour tonight…

OK, three things to make clear about this extract.

1) Hooray! I had found something to do to stop me getting bored! Erm, a trace of a map of my county town!

2) Back then it was enough to merely visit an airport, marvel at the cavernous interiors, stand on the balcony to watch a plane take off, then purchase a map and timetable, in order to have a good time.

I know this sounds more like 1956 than 1986, but honestly, East Midlands Airport used to be something of a tourist attraction in its own right. And it was the second largest building I’d been inside during my life to date (the first being St Pancras station), so my mum and dad were right to think I would be impressed.

I’d also never been on a plane and hence had yet to discover I was terrified of flying. But that’s another story…

3) I was a big fan of The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock, so anything new by Jim Henson would have been required viewing, even if it was probably pitched for an audience a bit younger than 10. I’m not sure where The Tale of the Bunny Picnic now stands in the perceived pantheon of Henson puppetry, but I bet it outranks Muppets Tonight.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 29 March 1986

  1. Going to Luton Airport was a fun Sunday afternoon hobby for us growing up. I was always far more interested in wandering round the terminal building than watching the planes.

  2. Our 1985 primary summer school trip was a visit to Birmingham Airport, complete with a ride on the monorail. 1986 was Stoke-on-Trent Garden Festival. I think the summer school trip in 1987 was a visit to New Street station.

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