Monday 31 March 1986 (Easter Monday)

…Listened to first Cat’s Whiskers programme.
Watched Condorman starring Michael Crawford…

What’s the consensus on Condorman nowadays?

I would have watched this in 1986 hoping to see lots of pratfalls and mind-boggling stunts. Heavens, they even put Crawford in a Frank Spencer mac.

But I know I was disappointed then and I feel the same today. I look at clips online and see only Mike battling a bonkers accent and creaky (literally, in the case of his wings) special effects, very occasionally interspersed with a decent gag:

Waiter: Your order, sir?
Crawford: I’ll have one of those.
Waiter: One Istanbul Express?
Crawford: Yes. A double.
Waiter: A double? Nobody orders the double, sir.
Crawford: OK. Make it a triple!

Well, it makes me chuckle.

"Betty" not pictured
As for Cat’s Whiskers, this was a magazine programme that was flung out during the school holidays in the mid-1980s to try and get more kids listening to Radio 4.

It succeeded in my case, but I can’t remember anything else about it, other than it was presented by Paul Nicholas, then at the peak of his Penny-pinching powers.

It was also somewhat overshadowed by Pirate Radio 4, which hailed from the same era, was inspired by the same purpose and which was home to, among others, all-new Adrian Mole (hooray!) but also all-new Dr Who Colin Baker (boo!).

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