Friday 4 April 1986

…Went shopping in Leicester. Bought an Asterix book.
Got results of my music exam: 134 out of 150. Distinction.
Recorded the last Cat’s Whiskers programme…

My instinct turned out to be right. I *had* done well in my Grade 1 piano exam – better, probably, than I expected.

The result was delivered over the phone by my piano teacher. I’ve already mentioned the old crone’s reluctance in offering up praise where praise was due. This tactic didn’t waver even now. It was as if she suspected I’d managed to get a decent result in spite of rather than because of her tuition. Where on earth could she have formed such an impression?

Meanwhile I was busy growing my Asterix collection. A trip to Leicester would have meant the chance to check out a larger-sized branch of WHSmith than that of my own town, and hence could well have been the location where I bought this:

"...Olympic Games" was probably my favourite

Produced exclusively for WHSmith! Such was the mid-80s might of this brown-and-orange bulwark of the high street.

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