Monday 7 April 1986

…Back to school.
Did SMP and creative writing.
Also starting a project about Astronomy.
I started designing a breakfast making machine…

In the mid-80s I was briefly intrigued by teasmades.

My grandparents had one. It was a Goblin, naturally.

I wanted one. I never got one.
I never saw them use it, but I used to sneak glances at it through the door of their bedroom whenever we were visiting.

It looked incredibly futuristic, especially alongside all my grandparents’ more antiquated clutter.

As for the concept, I was fairly bowled over.

A machine that not only woke you up but could make a hot drink as well? What kind of crazy hi-tech gadgetry was this?!

Crazy hi-tech gadgetry: that was what hooked me, and that was what probably inspired me to have a stab at designing my own version of a teasmade.

Except it couldn’t just be a teasmade. It had to be a full-blown, whistles-and-bells “breakfast making machine”.

I’m guessing it involved a toaster, a bowl for cereal and a glass for orange juice, all of which were serviced by robotic limbs at the flick of a button.

I have to guess, because unfortunately no evidence of this device has survived. Nor is it ever mentioned in my diary again.

It remains another pet project with which I was momentarily obsessed, and which I discarded just as quickly as I took it up.

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