Friday 11 April 1986

…Started off with Drama today. It was a West’n [sic] story.
Then had to write about it.
Did more SMP again. Doing it almost every day.
In Art we did silhouettes of each other’s heads.
Not feeling very well…

At my primary school, Art was the one concession to it being Friday.

It was always the last lesson of the week. I came to view it as a sort of minor reward for having to plough through all those SMP cards, which we seemed to be doing an awful lot of this term.

Looking back through the school year to date, some of the things we’d been given to do in Art included:

– Drawing a scene from another planet, using thumbprints for the body of aliens

– Designing a logo for a company called Rainbow _______; I did one for ‘Rainbow Holidays’

– Drawing a picture of an underwater sea wreck

– Making a model of a farm (I ended up doing the sheep dip)

– Making pictures “with string and glue”

– Creating our own Mother’s Day card

– Making a calendar which “had a slot where you slid pictures in, every two months in my case”

– A Christmas card that was “a copy of a Blue Peter idea”

I reckon that’s a pretty diverse, if sometimes a little eccentric, bunch of tasks.

Although peeking ahead I see we were about to be set the most adventurous (comparatively speaking) task so far.

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