Monday 14 April 1986

…Did SMP, Nelson, Ginn Reading and punctuation today.
Watched TV this afternoon.
Got a C+ for my creative writing. I am really ashamed of myself.
Going (or might be able) to do a puppet show in our assembly if Mrs Cubitt lets us…

Is it healthy for a 10-year-old to be so self-critical?

C+ isn’t that bad… is it? It isn’t, is it?

Mrs Cubitt was a new teacher who had started the previous Monday. It was she who had led the charge in tightening up (as she saw it) whatever slack had crept into our timetable, and who was subsequently making us do SMP every single day.

She had replaced a very popular teacher and hence was not inviting a lot of warmth from her shell-shocked pupils. Even her name sounded threatening.

My hesitation at mooting the idea of some puppetry in our class assembly was no doubt grounded in these sentiments. At the same time my fondness for Jim Henson was evidently making its presence felt again.

I recall finding support for my idea from a couple of classmates, but beyond that, just a rather aggressive indifference.

This is perhaps not surprising; nobody likes sitting through assemblies, let alone contributing to them.

As a sidenote, I’ve no idea what Nelson is, was, or were. Some kind of… creative writing (shudder)?

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