Saturday 19 April 1986

…It’s Saturday.
Watched the last Saturday Superstore in the series.
Read two Asterix books.
Made a telephone which squirts things and throws things at you through the hole…

I didn’t go out much in 1986.

Oh, and I’ve retrospectively copyrighted in perpetuity the concept of a squirty telephone that throws things at you through the hole, along with a breakfast-making machine and a trace map of Leicester. I haven’t given up on that Prince Charles Tomorrow’s World Innovation Award just yet.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 19 April 1986

  1. I think in this instance I did actually make it. I have a memory of finding an old plastic toy telephone, into the receiver of which I cut a hole, and through which I poked a water pistol and a catapult. Any originality in this design turned out to be utterly compromised by its unwieldy operation and the complete lack of surprise on the part of the caller on finding themselves doused with a jet of liquid or hit with a rubber band.

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