Friday 25 April 1986

…Did Drama, and some Mathematical problems before Assembly.
In Art we were starting to make hand puppets with balloons covered with paper and paste for the head,
while the 4th years did cycling proficiency…

These puppets would turn out to be the most time-consuming, most tiresome and most talked-about thing we’d ever done in Art.

Someone had evidently tried to come up with a task that would last weeks, if not most of the term. They succeeded.

Simply covering the wretched balloons with paper and glue took up the whole of today’s lesson, after which the sticky creations had to dry for seven days (how convenient) before the balloons could be popped and the resultant shell decorated. And this was only the puppet’s head.

It would prove to be a project that would, like the paste we were given to fashion a cranium from crumpled newsprint, run and run.

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