Thursday 1 May 1986

…May Day today.
Andrew got sent into class 3 to work because of acting stupid.
Watched Science Workshop and did some work on how beans grow.
Did SMP and Mrs Cubitt has put me on to fractions on the next section.
In Games did long jump and high jump…

I’m a bit baffled by the part of this entry where I talk about Andrew (I can’t remember who that was) being sent into class three. I was in class three, so why does it sound like I’m talking of someone being sent out of my class and into another?

In retrospect the numbering system at my primary school was bit odd. What would today be called year six was called class four, while today’s year five was 1986’s class three. Presumably today’s year two was then known as class zero: a label bound to fill all those six and seven-year-olds with bags of self-esteem.

Note that, unlike the world’s worst nuclear accident, getting to watch a BBC school’s programme was clearly enough of an event to warrant careful mention in my diary.

Indeed, in yesterday’s entry I’d made a point of name-checking Middle English, although curiously I failed to say any more about it, merely describing it – rather lamely – as “a TV programme we just saw”.

Meanwhile, pencils and workbooks at the ready: here’s David Hargreaves and the sweet sound of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop:

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