Saturday 10 May 1986

…Liverpool beat Everton 3-1.
Now the next grand event is the World Cup.
Spent most of the day going to, staying and having a look, and come back from Belvoir Castle.
Watched an Inspector Clausoe [sic] film…

In searching for information on which songs were released by Liverpool and Everton to promote their respective chances in the “grand event” that was the 1986 FA Cup final, I discovered that highlights from the game are being shown on ESPN Classic this Thursday at 11.05pm.

Despite my noting the result in today’s entry, I didn’t actually watch the match 25 years ago (being, as the diary rather pointedly makes clear, being dragged across the county to Belvoir Castle and back again), so were I to tune in on Thursday it would be the first time I’d seen any footage of this particular victory by Liverpool over their Merseyside rivals.

I wouldn’t have had any allegiance in 1986, just as I didn’t throughout the entire 12 years I later lived in Liverpool, which I’d like to say is a reflection of sensitive neutrality, but is probably more to do with chronic indecisiveness. I did witness a number of Liverpool victory parades during my time as a resident, but that was more to do with geography than design. I also once stood next to Robbie Fowler in the Rose of Mossley public house, but that’s another story.

The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles tells me Liverpool’s 1986 effort was Sitting on Top of the World, a jaunty singalong number with not one but TWO reassuringly obligatory key changes during the final 40 seconds, and which reached number 50.

Everton’s single, whatever it was, failed to chart.

So instead here’s what was, as a child, my very very favourite clip from any ‘Inspector Clausoe’ film:

One thought on “Saturday 10 May 1986

  1. I really resented the way the media rammed the message down our throats in the 80s that if you weren’t a Liverpool or Everton fan, then your football experience really didn’t count for anything. This day was the ghastly apotheosis of all that nonsense…

    Or maybe I was just feeling sore becasue my team, Ipswich, had been relegated from Division 1 the previous weekend. I was still coming to terms with that, while my best mate was celebrating the league and cup double.

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