Sunday 18 May 1986

…Had gammon for lunch.
This afternoon I played outside and did my homework.
I read six Asterix books today.
Watched Hancock…

Thinking back I’ve always tended to associate homework with secondary school; but it seems I got landed with the occasional out-of-hours assignment at primary school as well. It wouldn’t have been very much: some reading perhaps, or a few maths puzzles. Not enough to disrupt what was otherwise a typical mid-80s Sunday… a cooked meal at 1pm followed by a play in the back garden with my sister… up to my bedroom for an Asterixathon… a bit of telly later.

Come the evening, I can’t believe I wouldn’t have felt a little of the same gnawing pre-Monday dread that still grips me to this day.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 18 May 1986

  1. I’ve never thought gammon was a very suitable Sunday lunch dish really. It’s a teatime thing. Love it, but hold the pineapple.

    This is now my favourite blog. I’m sort of inspired to dig out my one and only diary from 1978 and do a similar thing. Sadly I only wrote it for about half the year. Like yours however, it’s an insight into a young life.

    • Thanks, F-C.

      I think we had gammon quite regularly, and always with tinned pineapple. I never liked it, and when I became a vegetarian it was definitely at the bottom of my list of Meats I Will Miss.

      There’s certainly a vote here for you reopening your 1978 diary, no matter how brief, and sharing a few extracts with the world.

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