Tuesday 20 May 1986

…Watched Duty Free and Terry and June…

Of these two titans of post-teatime telly, I have no hesitation in saying the latter has aged far far better than the former.

I can’t bear Duty Free now. Even a couple of minutes’ worth of clippage reveals it to be little more than an ear-splitting fusillade of tongues, tans and tantrums:

Notice those custard pies self-consciously positioned on the table. What could they possibly have been left there for? If only that clip were a few seconds longer… fortunately, it isn’t.

I can’t deny, however, that I did watch Duty Free every week in the mid-80s. It seems the majority of the country did too, for the show regularly topped the ratings chart, outscoring the soaps, feature films, other sitcoms – hell, even 3-2-1.

Heaven knows just what we were all thinking. (Probably: “Just what were Linda and David thinking?”)

By way of a tonic to remedy any distress caused by the above clip, here’s how to do timeless sitcommery:

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