Wednesday 21 May 1986

…Did dictation, PE and SMP.
In the afternoon we wrote a story about the most exciting time of our life.
At dinnertime two-thirds of the class (not including me) had to do 50 lines for messing and talking…

I tried to make it my business to stay out of trouble at school, though anybody who chose to write the phrase “two-thirds of the class” instead of the less poncey “most of the class” or simply “a load of people” was always going to fall in with the swots rather than the rabble. Anybody using the phrase “two-thirds” within earshot of the rabble, however, was probably inviting several buckets of scorn, not to say punches.

I did get sent to the headmaster’s office a couple of times. I think one of them had yet to happen. The other had occurred a year or so earlier, when I was caught giggling during recorder practice – a travesty of justice, naturally. Especially as I was one of the few who could actually play the damn thing.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 21 May 1986

  1. I had to wait outside the headmaster’s office for half an hour, after which he came out, gave me a clip round the ear, and told me to go back to class.

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