Saturday 24 May 1986

…Had a discussion about Matlock being the capital of Derbyshire and not Derby…

And afterwards I went outside to find wood for the fire, before a bowl of broth and a turn in the tin bath.

More proof that our family was very firmly rooted in the 80s.

The 1880s.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 24 May 1986

  1. When I was a kid, I was OBSESSED with this sort of thing (I was seven in 1986). I had a stencil of Great Britain, which I would copy out endlessly and then draw in the counties. It was a source of great frustration that I could never really get them right, even if I used tracing paper, something would always go wrong. Anyway, with my new maps of Great Britain I would then set up new ITV regions, or designate disaster command centres or something, just chop huge sections off and pretend there was no Norfolk. I remember at some point around this age discovering BOUNDARY CHANGES and also being amazed that Maidstone was not only the “administrative centre” of Kent but that it had a television studio within it. I think I sort then began to see Maidstone as some sort of city state or something. (I must have been an irritating child, constantly asking my mother what the “administrative centre” of Kent was, to which she invariable replied Canterbury and in response to which I would screech “No, no, no – that is just the county town, it’s Maidstone that is the administrative centre. Don’t you know anything! I can’t believe you are my mother! Do you know what the capital of Luxembourg is Mum? Do you? Do you? It’s LUXEMBOURG TOO!!!!!!!!!!!”)

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