Monday 26 May 1986 (Bank Holiday)

…Day off today and tomorrow because of the half-term holiday.
Wasn’t allowed to watch the James Bond film Live and Let Die…”

More evidence of the frustratingly different (and in my 10-year-old mind, illogical) regimes run in my parents’ house and in that of my grandparents.

Earlier in the month I’d been allowed to watch Diamonds are Forever: my first TV Bond. Now here I was being denied even a snatch of the sequel (no Roger Moore-esque pun intended).

This seemed preposterous to me then, as it does now. Why the inconsistency between generations? Didn’t my mum and dad check to see what my granny and grandad let me watch?

Come to think of it I’m rather glad they didn’t. Or if they did, they can’t have been told the full story. To add to the mystery, I don’t think my grandparents even liked James Bond.

Anyway, being denied, as the following fantastic trailer booms, “more excitement, more action, more danger, and more – much more: Roger Moore!” ruined my bank holiday. Though not quite to the extent that McCartney’s theme is ruined by that nightclub singer halfway through:

2 thoughts on “Monday 26 May 1986 (Bank Holiday)

  1. BJ Arnau? “Ruining” the theme song? Clearly you are someone who’s never heard the Geri Halliwell version…

    Did your parents have an objection to voodoo and/or enormous flares?

  2. I read somewhere that McCartney wanted to appear in the film singing the song himself, which would’ve been ace. I’m afraid I’ve never been taken by Arnau’s version, though I like the way you see Moore (in character) sitting and listening to it. Bond does meta-textuality!

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