Friday 6 June 1986

…We practiced our Assembly which is on June 20th.
In Art, you know proverbs, like “Look before you leap”, well, we had to draw pictures to go with them.
Helped paint a picture of three hags…

I’m at a loss to think of any proverb that revolves around “three hags”. Admittedly I may have misread my own writing… but then a proverb involving “three hogs” seems even less feasible.

I like, however, the way I felt the need to explain to myself just what a proverb is, despite already knowing and despite having spent the whole afternoon visualing them in paint.

And look: just two weeks to go until the assembly. Frustratingly, I didn’t give any clue as to how the puppetry and piano-playing were shaping up. But you’d have thought that, after all these weeks, there was no need for any further rehearsal*.

*I’ve just looked ahead in the diary: oh yes there was.

3 thoughts on “Friday 6 June 1986

  1. Maybe “three bags” as in “three bags full”. Okay, it’s not from a proverb, it’s from a nursery rhyme – but no art teacher would let themselves be hamstrung by such a detail.

  2. I don’t think it was Macbeth. The first I knew of that play was when I had to read it at secondary school. On reflection perhaps it was “three hogs” and it was actually a reference to the three little pigs. Though why would I call them hogs and not pigs?

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