Friday 13 June 1986

…Practiced Assembly.
Did more computer printing and some Peak 7 pages.
Instead of Art this afternoon we watched the film Clash of the Titans which is the story of Perseus in Greek mythology

There was now just one week to go until the assembly. By my count I’d already endured at least half a dozen rehearsals for something that was only going to be about 15 minutes long. Yet apparently still that wasn’t enough.

Many times in my life I have found myself over-studying and over-refining something to the point where it ceases to be in any way entertaining. I think this was the first of such lumpen occasions.

Clash of the Titans, however, is something that never ceases to be entertaining, chiefly because it’s not meant to be studied, simply enjoyed. It was almost the end of term, indeed the end of the school year, so this would have been sold to me and my class as a treat.

And coming after weeks and weeks of work on our own pathetic attempt at puppets, it most definitely was.

My puppet, yesterday

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