Tuesday 17 June 1986

…Watched (or the whole school did) the Rompers Roadshow, which was a play about Road Safety.
This afternoon we practiced our Assembly.
Bought a World Cup sticker album but didn’t buy any stickers…

I’m guessing there’s not much call for educational repertory theatre nowadays.

During my time at primary school we were visited not just by the “Rompers Roadshow” but also by a group touring a play about the value of respecting the police force; an ensemble teaching the importance of never running off with strangers; numerous religious groups from the local area hawking their respective spiritual wares; and, on one occasion, by a talking Belisha beacon.

Today most teachers probably just slap on a DVD.

There’s yet more proof within today’s entry, were it needed, of my shameless football fickleness. I only bought the album to be like everyone else at school, and I’m pretty sure I never got anywhere close to completing it.

I clearly didn’t place much value upon it; the picture below is not of my own copy, which has not survived the years and quite possibly didn’t survive the rest of the summer. I took much greater care of my Gremlins sticker album.

My name's Ian Jones, and I was a Fickle Football Fan

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