Thursday 19 June 1986

…Did SMP and silent reading which wasn’t really silent because of everybody coffin [sic].
Designed a poster showing Road Safety.
Practiced the Assembly…

The moment had almost arrived. And not before time.

Our class had been made to rehearse our assembly every single day this week, following weeks, months even, of unfailingly relentless run-throughs.

The amount of hours spent preparing the thing smacked more of a county-wide festival of performing arts than 15 minutes on a Friday morning in front of a hundred or so pupils.

But it was a matter of pride and of reputation (what we had of them at that age) for the assembly to go right and to go well. And for me the stakes were higher, having suggested the idea of a puppet show in the first place, and as one of the main participants.

I would have gone to bed nervous but confident that, having rehearsed the thing so many many times, nothing could go wrong now.

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