Saturday 28 June 1986

…Went to a hot balloon show in the morning but came back home because there were not any balloons there.
In the afternoon we tried again – still no balloons.
So we went to Normanton and walked along the banks of the River Soar and got very frustrated because there were not any ferries across the river…

A hot air balloon floating above or near our house was always the catalyst for great excitement. The same went for a low-flying helicopter (was it Anneka Rice?) or Concorde, which used to pass our way on one of its occasional visits to East Midlands Airport.

In fact, such was the (justly) perceived significance of a Concorde cameo, its appearances would be announced in the local paper the week before, giving the town’s residents plenty of notice and a chance, if necessary, to re-arrange plans. We all thought Concorde was a big deal. I guess we were easily awed.

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