Monday 30 June 1986

…Just one more week till the end of term.
Had recorders and a practice of the musical evening.
At the event I kept bumping into the flower display.
Me playing the piano was the most funniest [sic] thing that has ever happened in the world.
I played The Entertainer by Scott Joplin…

This is me trying to pull on the twin cloaks of nonchalance and bluster in light of the previous time I treated an audience to my piano-playing.

The event was a musical concert to mark the end of the school year. I’m not sure with which other items I was involved; I’m guessing it was the recorder ensemble. But I was only really bothered by how my solo spot was received.

And it went pretty well. It got a round of applause, which was more than last time.

I’m not sure it entirely made up for the catastrophe that was the school assembly. But it did restore a bit of self-pride and, judging by the “funniest thing” remark, a bit of self-deprecating cockiness.

The Entertainer was my party piece for a while. Then I got a bit more confident and moved on to the theme from Film ’86.

2 thoughts on “Monday 30 June 1986

    • All the state schools in Leicestershire used to break up a couple of weeks before the rest of the country. I’ll talk more about this in a forthcoming blog update!

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