Friday 4 July 1986

…End of summer term at school and end of another school year.
Watched Raiders of the Lost Ark this afternoon…

I have to confess to being somewhat surprised we were allowed to see this film.

Perhaps it was an expurgated version, because I can’t quite believe our teachers would have let us watch some of the more grisly moments, in particular the final 10 minutes.

Thanks a lot, Al Gore
Had it even received its terrestrial TV premiere by this point? If not, we must have watched a copy on commercial video, which I’m guessing would have been uncut.

The more I think about it, the more this screening might have come about on the suggestion of one of the pupils in the year above me, for whom this was their last day at primary school, and who might have “recommended” Raiders of the Lost Ark because their “parents said it was a fun film”. Hmm.

It would have gone down very well, however, and definitely have been seen as a step up from Clash of the Titans the other week, or The Dark Crystal which was our pre-Christmas treat.

I think this might even have been the first time I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark, officially the second best Indiana Jones film. We didn’t have a video recorder at home, and had it been on television my parents wouldn’t have let me watch it.

All in all, this was a fine if unexpected diversion from stacking away the chairs of another school year. Though I would dream of melting heads tonight, and for many nights to come.

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