Wednesday 9 July 1986

…Earned 20p by helping Mum in Sainsbury’s.
I only did it for the money.
In the afternoon we went strawberry picking.
Mum got about 60, Becky [my sister] got about 50.
I got 20.
Well, I would go into a spot where hardly any grew…

An extra 20 pence would have been highly prized. It was almost enough to cover the cost of an issue of Whizzer and Chips.

During my primary school years I thought I had rather meagre pocket money, but this was based entirely on what I gleaned of the lifestyles of my fellow pupils.

For all I know their somewhat dizzying level of personal income might have been merely bluster.

The truth is I had no idea what was a decent amount of pocket money, and never would.

Later on I began earning a bit of extra cash from playing the piano. But I remember being astonished at how a classmate at secondary school had his own allowance, out of which he was expected to buy his own clothes, shoes, food, books, even computer games.

The entire concept seemed impossibly far-fetched and troubling, more so seeing as we were only 12 years old at the time. But then his family did have two cars.

The 80s didn’t really begin in our house until December 1986, when my mum and dad bought some British Gas shares.

The third most famous Sid in British popular culture

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