Friday 25 July 1986

…Yes, the events of the Commonwealth Games began with Bowls, Boxing, Swimming, Shooting, Weightlifting, Rowing and Cycling on today’s menu.
Bought a book called Guide to the Commonwealth Games by Desmond Lynam this afternoon. It was £3.95.
Started filling in the results which was a squash.
Watched Bowls, Badminton and Swimming…

Somewhere down the years I lost this book, which is a shame as I remember it being quite a thorough effort by the BBC – sorry, by “Desmond Lynam”.

In order to keep the book up to date, for the first and possibly last time in my life I made a point of sitting down in front of the television to watch a game of bowls.

On the back of the book was the sentence: “A busy summer for Des”. I guess it was around this time that Lynam began to acquire the status of national institution, having already anchored all the biggest sporting events at least once and in doing so found the right pitch for his soon-to-be-trademark smooth patter.

He does seem to have been all over the place in the summer of 1986, thanks to the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games and the European Athletics Championships.

I would splash out on another bit of BBC-related Commonwealth Games merchandise before the Games were through, but more of that later. In the meantime here’s an all too brief excerpt of Des in his Commonwealth cubicle.

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