Tuesday 29 July 1986

…Slept well at Granny’s and got up at 6.50am to watch Breakfast Time.
Stayed at Granny’s until 9.30am when Mum came to take us shopping.
Still not at home!
I earned 20p again in Sainsbury’s for helping Mum.
Eventually arrived home at 12.15pm.
Watched more Commonwealth Games and filled in the results…

This, then, was my summer holiday. Getting up earlier than usual instead of later. Spending more time, not less, in front of the television. And earning a little more than usual, but barely enough to buy the latest 7″ single I had my eye on: the BBC’s official theme to the Commonwealth Games, by BA Robertson.

Indeed I would have to wait until the Games were over before I had enough money to splash out on what history has revealed to be one of the dreariest signature tunes ever committed to disc.

I don’t think I particularly minded that this long hiatus from school had subsided into such low-key, solitary fare.

Our family didn’t live somewhere close to bountiful acres of countryside through which I could have skipped and foraged in some Blyton-esque reverie.

Nor did we live in a street where children played out all of the time and neighbours leaned over each other’s fences and cooled pies on their window sills.

Like with most aspects of my life in 1986, I didn’t know any different, so I didn’t think anything was wrong.

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