Monday 11 August 1986

…Had lunch early because we went to the
1.20pm showing of Pinocchio at the cinema,
which is where I discovered that the James Bond film
A View to a Kill is being shown again.
I’ve been to see it once but I want to go again.
Mum said she’ll think about it.
You know what the answer will be: No…

Having watched A View to a Kill again a month or so ago, I can see why the 10-year-old me would be so desperate to see it.

It still boasts some of the best stunts and action sequences in the entire series. The climax atop the Golden Gate Bridge is still terrifically exciting. There’s also fun to be had up the Eiffel Tower with the likes of Monsieur Aubergine, though they might as well have called him Citizen Camembert and had done with it.

In terms of stuff that is truly worth praising about the film, there’s not much else. But for a 10-year-old, that was more than enough.

Only later did I start to go off the film, thanks to a) Roger Moore being older than the mother of his female co-star; b) the utterly un-Bondlike sequence where Christopher Walken machine-guns hundreds of innocent workers inside the Silicon Valley mine; and c) Grace Jones’s gurning.

This scene does not appear in the film - Moore's the pity

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