Tuesday 12 August 1986

…Started doing a giant enlarged map of the London Underground this evening.
I think it is coming along nicely
Tomorrow is the Berlin Wall’s 25th birthday…

The completion of this map, no doubt inspired by our family’s recent visit to London, was a predictably fastidious and obsessive undertaking.

It involved sellotaping together a number of sheets of computer paper (which my dad used to bring home regularly from work), covering them with a huge grid, then filling in one square at a time with the corresponding details of a pocket-sized version of the official map.

The end result wasn’t very good and I threw it away a year or so later. Harry Beck would have been aghast, and rightly so.

But if you’re looking for another seed of something that would, years later, flourish into a way of life just as fastidious and obsessive, here it is.

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