Saturday 16 August 1986

…More BBC stuff this morning.
On Thursday I’d got a catalogue of BBC clothes, pens, badges etc.
of which I’ve ordered things.
Today I got a catalogue of wallcharts and a timetable.
This afternoon we went to Birmingham Airport to look round.
We saw a man off Central TV…

Of the BBC-branded merchandise that I ordered and ultimately received, the only ones I can remember (and this is embarrassment enough) are car window stickers displaying the logos of the Six and the Nine O’clock News.

I stuck them – proudly – on the car window by which I always sat. And they stayed there for months.

Dear God, what had I become?

Cue the filing cabinetCue the fish fingers

3 thoughts on “Saturday 16 August 1986

  1. The Six O’Clock News hasn’t been the same since they stopped ending the programmes with important quotes for the day. Example:

    That has been the Six O’Clock News on the day letters seemed to indicate News International have staged a massive cover-up of the scale of phone hacking at the company. MP Tom Watson said “I take what the company say with a pinch of salt now. They’ve hired a lot of PR people to handle their media. “

  2. I think the stickers might have stayed on the car for over a year, as I remember being quizzed about them by my new classmates soon after starting secondary school in August 1987. “Does your dad work for the BBC then?” they asked. If only.

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