Monday 18 August 1986

…Made some coconut squares this afternoon.
Did a map of the real layout of the London Underground.
Started one on London itself…

I’d forgotten how obsessed with London I was during the summer of 1986. It’s not as if I hadn’t visited the place before, but the trip at the end of July must have set a good few psychological hares running.

Both of these projects went the way of all the other ones I attempted around this time: up on my bedroom wall, then down the back of the wardrobe, then into the bottom of the bin.

The coconut squares, however, became something of a calling card for a while, to be later replaced by – sequentially – rock cakes, cherry buns, flapjacks and date loaf.

The penultimate of these saw me right through my teens and 20s, until one occasion, on being invited to make a batch for a friend, I accidentally used salt instead of sugar, and my culinary confidence was blasted into tiny, miserable crumbs.

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