Wednesday 20 August 1986

…Went into town this morning with Mum.
Saw thousands of people I knew.
Well, not exactly a thousand, about two.
Later I made a wire collar and lead for a dog
so me and [my sister] now have invisible dogs…

Still no sign of the giddy consumerism of the 80s, then. There was a well-stocked and hugely popular toy shop in the town centre that I’m sure would have satisfied all my “invisible dog on a lead” needs. Instead, I decided to make my own.

Or rather, I was forced to make my own.

It can’t have been that difficult, though I’m surprised I had the patience or the wherewithal. Perhaps it was the comedy value inherent in the finished article. In fact, so proud was I with what I created that I’m fairly sure we took our “dogs” for a “walk” around the block later that evening.

And oh, what a feeling of inclusivity ensued, as we passed our neighbours with their bikes, skateboards, rollerboots and remote-controlled toy cars, not to mention real dogs…

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