Friday 22 August 1986

…Watched TV this morning.
Helped Mum make a cherry cake and a chocolate mousse.
Again we went swimming this afternoon.
Watched Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It.
It’s a programme that takes the mickey out of other TV programmes…

The fact I go into such detail to explain what the show is all about suggests to me that it wasn’t Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It that I rushed home for the previous Friday. I’m pretty sure I would have said so at the time, and included a similarly earnest description.

This was a rare occasion when I deliberately tuned in to Children’s ITV. I tended to stick with BBC1, even when its children’s programmes, such as the 132nd episode of the 57th rerun of Silas, were rubbish. It was a habit – the same habit that meant I went through my childhood never ever watching one of ITV’s Saturday morning children’s efforts from start to finish.

Did I miss anything?

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