Sunday 24 August 1986

…This is the last entry in this diary because it’s the start of the academic year tomorrow.
Did you know I have now been keeping a diary for nearly a year…

It was time to put aside the slim, pink and red-coloured journal that had seen me through the first eight months of 1986 and pick up a new volume, one that ran in step with the school year and hence demanded my attention from the August Bank Holiday onwards.

I regretted having to abandon this particular diary with four months still to go. It didn’t seem right. It felt like unfinished business. It also helped to reinforce the impression in my mind of the impending return to school resembling the start of something new, rather than merely a continuation of what went before.

If I’d have waited until Christmas and bought a new diary at the same time as the rest of the human race, none of this would have mattered. But I didn’t, and the novelty of putting pen to fresh paper triumphed over the convention of seeing things through to a proper conclusion.

Besides, the new diary had more space to write stuff, and I was feeling the need to say a bit more about my life. Whether there was actually much more that needed to be said remains to be seen…

3 thoughts on “Sunday 24 August 1986

  1. I haven’t been keeping a diary for as long as you but I (I am now thirty-two and working full-time) have not managed to escape the academic year cycle. Going to get my 2011-2012 one tomorrow.

    Nothing ever happens in August anyway.

  2. One and off since I was fourteen – but with not one gap, then only since I was twenty-five. It isn’t that interesting though – especially because muchy of the stuff i wrote when I was fourteen is in “code” and I can’t crack the bloody code anymore so I have no idea what any of it means. More frustratingly, I remember that I only used the code for certain parts so an entry will read “I am definitely too old for Byker G
    rove but ello Jeff andutsllesa fezel am Grove sehe I suppose it won’t matter”, so it is just like gobble-dee-gook!

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