Monday 25 August 1986 (Bank Holiday)

…Got wet at the City of Leicester Show in Abbey Park.
It poured with rain, but nevertheless I got loads of Radio Leicester stuff.
I also saw some presenters, including Tony Wadsworth.
[Later that day] we dried ourselves off, had tea and
watched loads and loads of television including Disney Time
and the hilarious Dad’s Army film…

I had a new diary:

This is my life, and this is how it reads: volume 2
Said “facts” were of a thunderously academic if somewhat quirky bent.

Want to know the only monarch to be buried in a coffin twice as wide as it was long? Anxious to discover just which metal has the highest melting point? Perhaps you’ve been fretting over the composition of Ohm’s Law?

All the answers lay within*, along with information about unusual record breakers, the vital statistics of Rob Andrew and Annabel Croft, and career advice on how to become a hairdresser (“There are courses, from part-time to three-years full-time, at Polytechnics and Technical Colleges”).

There were also lots of charts and forms to fill in, which was obviously of great appeal to my annotative tendencies.

One of them, an 86/87 year planner, I tried to turn into a timetable showing every transmission time of a James Bond film on ITV, but lost interest halfway through and instead started noting each appearance in the BBC1 schedules of Jossy’s Giants. Look out for a reproduction of this grisly exhibit in a future entry.

Meanwhile I celebrated my new diary with a trip to that enduring bank holiday staple, the county fair. The “stars” of Radio Leicester were in attendance; I remember helping myself variously to car stickers, spiral hats, picture postcards and “limited edition” biros. I genuinely thought this was ace.

I’m not so sure, though, about the Dad’s Army film. I think I’m being sincere when I said it was “hilarious”, but my diary entries had begun to get a bit knowing, and maybe, just maybe, I was hazarding an attempt a bit of prematurely-adolescent sarcasm.

Better that, surely, than prematurely-adolescent anything else.

*Any ideas, reader?

2 thoughts on “Monday 25 August 1986 (Bank Holiday)

  1. We used to go to a lot of county shows, my dad being in agriculture of sorts. The Surrey Show, the Southampton Show (great for buying pets at), and others, where you could meet the voices behind the faces of Radio Solent and Radio Victory and Three Counties Radio. I too helped myself to goodies, and you’d often see Wombles picking up litter. We’d have Peardrax and 99s and feel sick all the way home.

    Do these shows still exist? Now they’d all be farmers markets and personality DJs, if the radio stations covered them at all.

  2. I don’t think that cover could be more 80s if it had a picture of Philip Schofield dancing to Frankie Goes to Hollywood in a pair of deely-boppers.

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