Sunday 31 August 1986

…Decided to sort all my books into alphabetical order
which took ages and ages and ages
but it all turned out all right in the end.
Watched 45 minutes of the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only…

This would’ve been up to the point just after Roger and Carole’s “nice ride in the country” in that comically-crappy 2CV: a sequence I found thrilling in 1986, but nowadays I watch wholly out of duty rather than love (a sentiment that can be extended to the entire full-length joyless borefest).

45 minutes was all I was allowed 25 years ago because it was the night before the start of the new school term.

Nonetheless I was careful to record this partial slice of Bond in an additional section of my new diary, in doing so launching a bold attempt to document an entire year’s worth of 007 action:

Mark Curry and George Lazenby, together at last

Click the image to see a full-size version, if you can bare to.

What I can’t understand is why this ambitious project morphed, come mid-January, into an inventory of Children’s BBC Wednesday afternoon programming. Perhaps my diary will explain more nearer the time.

Still, Mark Curry and George Lazenby: together at last.

One thought on “Sunday 31 August 1986

  1. It’s a dichotomy about For Your Eyes Only that it is the dullest film in the Bond canon yet it features three of the tensest actions scenes in the whole series. Namely:
    1) The scene where Kriegler and his heavies are following Bond up the stairs to the top of the ski jump.
    2) The keelhauling
    3) The rock climb.

    Everything around it is tedium personified, I agree.

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