Saturday 6 September 1986

…Doctor Who started again this evening and so did Roland Rat…

I’m not very forthcoming about what I thought of these twin gargoyles adorning the portal of the new BBC1 Saturday night line-up. I do know that by the end of the autumn I was thoroughly disenchanted with both of them. As for the rest of the evening:

The smell of a Saturday night
This schedulegrab, a new word I’ve just invented and which I really rather like, shows how the self-annointed Superstar plus the good Doctor had to act as warm-up for the main event.

Having to play support to the likes of Noel and The Man Who Excels would be a tough gig at the best of times, but having to do so while making the worst of a good format (Roland Rat) never mind making the worst of a shit format (Dr Who) was an enterprise doomed for disaster.

Saying that, if they’d done Dr Who: Doomed For Disaster instead of Dr Who: The Trial of a Time Lord, I might have made it all the way through the 13 episodes on the promise of a genuinely exciting ending.

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