Friday 12 September 1986

…My Central letter came this morning…

And here it is:

Bwwahh, bwwahh, bwa-bwa-bwa-bwwahh
Despite getting my postcode completely wrong, I was pretty thrilled with this response.

To be honest, I’d have been pretty thrilled with any kind of response.

But what a great, thoughtful and detailed reply to my rather cheeky, insolent inquiry. Not only had I moaned at them for putting Superman II on too late, I’d then had the temerity to fish for a bit of future scheduling information.

I was handsomely rewarded on the latter, and as for the former, that looks to me like someone’s taken the trouble to offer a sincere explanation, rather than a patronising put-down.

Twenty-five years on, I’d like to say thank you to Ms Veronyca Bates.

By the by, today I got to play the school’s electronic keyboard in morning assembly. “I used the electric guitar sound,” apparently. My efforts to overthrow the centuries-long reign of the incumbent ivory-tinkler were gaining ground.

7 thoughts on “Friday 12 September 1986

    • Hi Ian

      How lovely to read your entry and how kind of you to thank me after all these years. Most viewers simply wrote back and argued the toss with me whatever information I gave them.

      Best Veronyca

      PS Not sure what to make of your comment re my photo. That was one of the better ones! I am horribly unphotogenic.

      • Hello Veronyca

        Thanks for reading my blog and for your remarks. It’s wonderful how the internet can rekindle events such as this from so long ago.

        I wasn’t referring to your photo with my comment, by the way. That was merely a expression of delight that you were indeed the person who had written me that letter in 1986. I was, and still am, very grateful for your response!

  1. Is she implying that Superman II (flying aliens blow things up with their eyes) isn’t a children’s film, but OHMSS (killer spy marries a woman who is shot on their wedding day) is? I respectfully disagree.

  2. Has to be asked, Ian, since you’ve set this site up, what was your entry for September 11 2001 like? Did it hit Orwellian heights of observation about the terrifying change that had hit us, or was it, like mine was at the time, “Oooh, what terrible pictures on the news…”

    For that matter, given that you’re writing about 1986, did you cover the Challenger disaster as well? I don’t blame you if not. Kenneth Williams was still alive in ’86 and I don’t think it made his diaries either.

    • I didn’t mention Challenger, but then I didn’t talk about Chernobyl either. I know I was aware of both of them; presumably I just didn’t think it worth writing them down.

      The entry for 11 September 2001, however, is entirely about the terrorist attacks – as is the one for 12 September.

      Reading them again, I’d forgotten how long it took for the truth to be made clear as to what had really happened to the fourth plane. In the entry for the 12th I’m still talking about speculation that it had been shot down.

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