Wednesday 1 October 1986

…In PE this morning we did volleyball which was so boring that
I kept the scores, which I was no use at either.
I didn’t know how you could score.
For dinner we had meat, potatoes, cauliflower – yuk – and gravy.
This afternoon we talked about power stations, acid rain,
chemicals in grass and poems from The Observer…

All the way through school I was chased: by homework deadlines, bullies, expectations, barmy teachers, the occasional unwelcome suitor, and the National Curriculum.

I failed to escape all of them bar the last. If I hadn’t, I very much doubt I and my fellow pupils would have been able to spend an afternoon doing what we did on this day 25 years ago.

Fortunately Kenneth Baker’s one-size-fits-all tablets of educational stone had yet to be handed down, and when they were, I was always a couple of school years ahead of their implementation.

Not that I’ve any idea why we were talking about all of that stuff, particularly poems from the Observer. But I’m sort of glad we did.

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