Sunday 12 October 1986

…After half-term we are doing, or rather I am doing, a project on parliament
so what I am doing is writing out all the results of the 1983 Election
and doing a map showing which constituencies belong to who
well in advance because it is going to take ages…

Give me the child until he is seven (and 44 months) and I will show you the man.

Back then I remember this sort of activity as being explained away as “showing an interest”. Would it now be classed as some kind of behavioural disorder? Because, seriously, what sort of person would choose to spend their free time WRITING OUT 650 ELECTION RESULTS BY CHOICE? And then plotting EACH AND EVERY ONE ON A MAP?

Well, you have the answer. In my defence, I would like to cite the fact that later on this day I had my tea while watching 20 Years of The Two Ronnies, and signed off with the statement: “One week till half-term. Can’t go soon enough.”

One thought on “Sunday 12 October 1986

  1. This was me in 1992:

    “After a carefully planned out index/contents page which must have been compiled once the rest of the book had been filled in, the first page contains the following introduction. Even though the rest of the book is handwritten, this was typed into First Word Plus running on an Acorn Archimedes and printed out on a dot-matrix then stuck. The school had made me prefect in the school computer room, which though it meant that many lunch times would be spent supervising young kids more interested in scanning pictures of Jet from the Gladiators into the computer than doing any actual work, had the reward of being able to use the computers during free periods.”

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