Thursday 16 October 1986

…The library van came to school this morning.
We got all our books that we were halfway through
snatched from our tables and thrown in the van.
Luckily I got mine back.
You couldn’t miss the library van.
It’s got a word in huge letters on the side: LIBRARY.
I kept falling in the mud in hockey this afternoon deliberately.
I am going mad on my election map…

The mobile library visited our school once a month. The excitement of seeing it arrive and getting to go inside far exceeded that of its actual contents. I got the impression it always came to us last, such was its slim collection of stuff that sounded interesting by people you’d actually heard of. Nonetheless we were all forced to borrow a few titles for reading in our own time (i.e. homework). Norman Hunter and Susan Cooper were a couple of favourites. Occasionally there was even a battered Dr Who Target novelisation cowering on one of the revolving racks.

I’d assumed mobile libraries had disappeared from Loughborough years ago, or else fallen victim to the present government’s spending cuts. Wonderfully, they still exist.

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