Friday 17 October 1986

…Today is the last day before the half-term holiday. Yeahhh.
We did more work on axes and grids this morning.
Terribly, terribly boring.
For lunch we had chips, fish cake and peas and
for pudding apples, but I had to scoff it down again because
those two giggling girls from the Convent turned up to
teach us recorders.
Birmingham lost its bid to host the 1992 Olympic Games.
Barcelona won it.
I watched another spy film this evening, much to dad’s disapproval.
I have reached 300 in my election results list.
350 to go…

The spy film must have been one of those Man From UNCLE efforts stitched together from episodes of the original series, and which I can remember BBC2 running on Friday evenings for a number of weeks around this time. I don’t know why my dad took against them. It’s not as if they were on ITV or – heaven forbid – Channel 4.

I hadn’t mentioned the “giggling girls” in my diary before, and I’m at a bit of a loss to remember anything about them or why they were even teaching us the recorder. There was a convent school close to ours, but – like the grammar school down the road – they were our bitter rivals and people you crossed to the other side of the street to avoid meeting. John Major’s classless society was still some years off.* I like how I took against them because of their constant sniggering, rather than whether they were any good or not.

Oh, and that’s “axes” as in the plural of axis, as in the drawing of graphs. Not a board games or feature film in sight, despite it being the start of the half-term holiday.

*It still is.

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