Wednesday 22 October 1986

…Every week Mum and Granny have their shopping mornings.
And today was one of those days.
Mum says they are much better without me and Becky [my sister] around.
But then we don’t have half-term holidays often.
The only good bit about it is pushing the trolley around Sainsbury’s.
Mum hadn’t got much money so she only spent 17 POUNDS!…

That’s 17 pounds for me, my sister, mum and dad for the rest of the week*.

Nowadays I spend at least double that amount on food every week just for myself.

Truly another etc. etc.

Round lettuce: 12p

*Though this would have been topped up with stuff mum bought at the post office every Monday when she went to collect the family allowance. For a time, the prospect of being one sleep away from fresh slices of corned beef was one of the few things that made Sunday evening bearable.

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