Thursday 6 November 1986

Each week on Thursday I will choose an Item of the Week and three Leaves of the Week.
ITEM: An empty paint spray can with the top and nozzle off.
THREE LEAVES: Fig, for an ear muff; Sycamore, for a duster;
and another Sycamore for a tissue…

I seem to have turned a bit giddy this week in 1986, what with the letter to the CEGB and now this unexpected foray into a mild yet unsuccessful form of Pythonesque, Round the Horne-ish whimsy.

A quick look ahead in my diary reveals, not surprisingly, that ITEM OF THE WEEK was the first in a series of one.

Of more consequence was what I watched on television later: “Z Cars, What’s My Line and Bruce Forsyth and The Generation Game.”

This was close to the finest evening class in popular television history it was possible to get:

Spoiled we were, utterly spoiled

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